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Why Dental Check-ups are Important

The way to have really healthy teeth is to visit your dentist regularly for dental check-up. If you want to reap many benefits you need to visit your dentist twice a year for dental check-up. The benefits include prevention of infections from spreading, minimizing the amount of dental work needed, provision of teeth whitening, and preventing your gums from having disease. If your risk for oral disease is high, it is recommended that you visit your dentist more frequently.

When you go for a dental check-up, your teeth and gums are thoroughly examined by the dentist. The dentist works immediately upon conditions that can be addressed quickly like infection, tooth decay, and others. If you want to prevent potential future problems, the preventive measure to do is to have your teeth cleaned.

Mouth infections occur for different reasons. If you have made changes in your diet, always experiencing stress, and have a weak immune system, then this can lead to mouth infections. If infections are left untreated, then can lead to cavities, abscesses, and other dental issues. You might need to undergo costly and extensive dental procedures to treat these conditions. If you want your teeth to last longer, make sure you have your mouth infections treated and early and you cavities filled quickly.
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If you want to prevent having gum disease, then you need to visit your dentist regularly. Gum disease starts with a condition known as gingivitis. The treatment for this disease is easy. There is a more serious gum disease called Periodontitis. Ligaments and bones that brace the teeth are infected in this type of gum disease. If left untreated it can cause tooth and bone loss because of the infection and the resulting inflammation.
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If you have gum disease, it can lead to other health issues. When a person has gingivitis, there is a high level of bacteria that develop in areas of the mouth where the infection is location, and this has been linked to heart disease and stroke. The risk of cardiovascular disease is great for people who has gingivitis that has not received attention.

To ensure healthy gums, your teeth needs to be cleaned by a dentist. This can also reduce cavities in your mouth. To remove dental plaque that has built up on your teeth, a dentist needs to use special small tools. These tools are a scaler and a polisher. When we eat food, the bacteria and sugar that come from it builds a colorless film on your teeth called plaque. Plaque has acids that cause cavities. Removing the hard pieces of plaque from our teeth needs a scaler to do the job. The polisher is for buffing the teeth and for removing the smaller pieces of plaque still on the teeth. When your teeth is cleaned, a hygienist performs the job which takes him/her around 30 minutes of time.

You can save on dental expenses and prevent tooth loss as you get older if you take good care of your teeth. IF you want dental maintenance, you should visit your dentist for regular check-up and cleaning. Visit your dentist as often as necessary.


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